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DOCUMENT Confidentiality

HARUKI TRANS, s.r.o. shall make every effort, compatible with the electronic form of the services, to keep confidential all texts and personal information related to the Customer.

The nature of the work performed and any information the Customer transmits to HARUKI TRANS, s.r.o. shall be subject to the complete confidentiality.

HARUKI TRANS, s.r.o. shall not publicly disclose such information without previous written authorization from the Customer, with the exception of authorized collaborators or subcontractors authorized by HARUKI TRANS, s.r.o., who require this information to perform their jobs.

These guarantees shall not apply in the event that HARUKI TRANS, s.r.o. is required to communicate such information by law, or in the event that such information becomes public domain other than by default on the part of HARUKI TRANS, s.r.o.


The personal information of our suppliers and freelance collaborators (suppliers, translators, interpreters, graphic designers, affiliates, consultants etc.) are processed with the utmost confidentiality. No information whatsoever is provided to any third party.

Information including full name, date of birth, addresses and telephone numbers are only used by HARUKI TRANS, s.r.o. and its authorized suppliers (e.g. accounting firms, banks etc.) solely for the purposes related to the current jobs.

Right to change and REMOVE the information

The Clients and Affiliates may ask for modification or removal of their information at any time.


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